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Police are NOT bad people.

Everyone is saying how cops are so bad. The case in Missouri is a prime example. 

Yes some police officers mess up. They make mistakes. There ARE bad cops. But don’t base a generalization based on a few incidents. 

You don’t know the police. You don’t know that everytime they draw their weapon, they go home and sit. They don’t know how to convey their emotions into words. Their family sees them. Somber, grim, silent. The thought going through that cop’s head is “I could’ve shot someone today. I could’ve shot that person.” It’s not a pleasant feeling. Nor, is it pleasant when they actually do take a life.

Most police officers are regular people. They like football, Tumblr, Youtube, Facebook Games, etc. They go home to the family cat, their kids, their spouse, and they think “I am so lucky to have all of this”.

They see a child hit by a drunk driver and they will go home, wake their child up, and just hold their kid. They do their job for that miracle in their arms, and yet, that little child still died because they didn’t stop the drunk driver faster. They could have. They could have taken the right turn on Broadway Rd and stopped him. But they didn’t. They failed. And a child died. (Yes, many police officers blame themselves for things like this, more than I will acknowledge.)

You guys think cops are monsters, but to be honest, the only monster they really face is you. You could end their life. You could be the reason they draw their weapon. You could be their first kill. You have no idea what risk you pose to them, their families, and their mental health. So, don’t ever say police are bad people. They make mistakes. If you have NEVER once made a mistake, message me. But if you have, then you have no right to judge anybody else for their actions and mistakes. 

Police officers are human. They make mistakes. They love their job (love the job, not the hours). They love their families and will do anything for them, even if it means pulling a trigger. As a police officer once told me, “When you have your weapon in your hands, you have a life in your hands as well. It’s a responsibility I don’t want, but have. I will do my best to protect the public, my family, and my fellow officers. If I pull that trigger, I have to dead certain there was no other way to handle the situation.” 

Just my 2 cents since everybody seems to be bashing on police officers. 

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