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Ever look at a picture of someone and think, “Who would you be today?” Their smiling and for a moment, you can vision them looking at the camera, happy as can be. A memory frozen in time on paper. You look at that frozen memory now and it hits you. It will always hit you. They aren’t smiling anymore, they’re not joking about stupid stuff that happened a day ago, they aren’t going and drinking coco cola anymore (because Pepsi gave them loogies). They aren’t here anymore. People think that feeling goes away, no it will never go away. It might fade, but a picture brings you back to that same emotional intersection. The anger, the sadness, the hope that maybe they can see you and are proud of who you have become. You wonder what who they would’ve been 8 years down the road. Whether it was from someone else’s actions, their own, or a disease. It never really gets easier. The only thing you can do is be there for one another, remember them for the good they did, and try to make them proud every single day.


Alright so there have been about a million problems with trying to get internet at my new house and currently there’s still no clear answer as to when those people are finally gonna get out here and do it

So please be patient with me guys. I’m trying :(

It’s okay. :) We forgive you. Until then, if you relaly need to, use Microsoft word for blogging/ranting. :) 

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