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Alright so there have been about a million problems with trying to get internet at my new house and currently there’s still no clear answer as to when those people are finally gonna get out here and do it

So please be patient with me guys. I’m trying :(

It’s okay. :) We forgive you. Until then, if you relaly need to, use Microsoft word for blogging/ranting. :) 

I used to work out for almost an hour every day. Run 4 miles. I stopped in April. I am so out of shape it’s not even funny. I don’t even care how skinny I am. I am out of breath like no other, heart racing, dripping sweat. 

One day at a time though. I have got this. Soon, I will be able to work out like I used to and start lifting weights. I hate my life right now though. 

Fuck working out. Fuck it. But this is a lot better than sitting around doing nothing. Now a quick shower and studying. I am going to be a doctor and I won’t let anybody bring me down or stop me. 

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